Kildonan Museum | Taigh Tasgaidh Chill Donnain

Kildonan Museum on South Uist is a cultural and heritage amenity incorporating a Museum, an Archaeology room, a Craft Shop, a Café and a Fèis room, which is used for Cèilidh’s, music and dance. 

The Museum has recently been expanded and we’re delighted to have been involved in creating a number of the exhibit displays together with an informative brochure, that provides visitors with a floor plan and images of Kildonan Museum and its exhibits.

We also created and produced the Crofting Diary of South Uist crofter, Angus MacKay. Leabhar-latha Croitearachd | Crofting Diary, is in Gaelic and English and features stunning illustrations depicting a year in the life of a crofter on South Uist.