Valentine’s can be found in aisle 14

I’m loving the supermarket campaigns and how they seem to be able to make anything cater for the Valentine’s market. My favourite is definitely the Sainsbury’s campaign ‘Who will you be food dancing with this Valentines?’ #fooddancing which also urges people to post recipes via social media.

Gone are the days when Valentine’s day was all about a secret admirer, now Valentine’s gifts can be found in your local supermarket in between the fruit and veg and frozen aisle...and in some cases it has a dedicated aisle!

It’s everywhere you look at the moment – you can’t escape it! On TV, in shops, online, and particularly in the supermarkets with even tangerines being sold on the basis of being a sweet gift on Valentine’s!

All the supermarkets are getting in on the act, with Asda encouraging you to ‘share a pizza your heart’ with a Pucker-up pepperoni pizza…

Or how about some cheese (but not cheesy!) from Lidl?

Gone are the days when Valentine’s Day involved just getting a card for the one you love, now with all the hype on Facebook adding to the pressure, the competition is on!