“Photoshopping” has become a verb in the modern vernacular

When brothers Thomas and John Knoll were developing the early versions of Photoshop in the late 1980s, their goal was to be able to recreate the image their eyes were seeing but camera technology at the time was unable to fully capture. Fast-forward to 2017, and Photoshop is doing much more than displaying grayscale images as it was in the 1980s. From removing a small mole or blemish to wholly altering the figure of a model, “photoshopping” has become a verb in the modern vernacular.

Photoshop has been taking a lot of heat lately with all the retouched tabloid images of models, even celebrities like Beyonce and Britney Spears who with the help of some clever manipulation, look unbelievably perfect. But Photoshop is not to blame for these exaggerated images. Yes, it is the tool used to create them, but it’s not the culprit. The below two Ralph Lauren images below feature the same model, Filippa Hamilton. The image on the left drew heavy criticism for its alteration to impossible body proportions. The internet furor caused Polo Ralph Lauren to release a statement apologizing for “the poor imaging and retouching that resulted in a very distorted image of a woman's body."


photoshopped 4.jpg

In some cases Photoshop causes very poor/funny results… from extra hands to missing body parts, some images I include below show what can only be described as Photoshop mess-ups and should make you chuckle.

gallery of images.jpg

Sometimes a photo comes along which makes you rethink what is natural and what is Photoshopped.

You may recognise the below image which took internet by storm last week – horrendous conditions on Sydney Harbour gave ferry worker Haig Gilchrist the chance to hone his photography skills. He captured this amazing image of the Manly ferry being swamped by monster waves - with hundreds of commenters praising his talents.

not photoshopped image.jpg

I truly believe this is a stunning image, showing natures raw power, which on first glance could be mistaken for being the result of some fancy Photoshopping.

25-years-old and still people need lessons in how to use the mighty Photoshop. However, not the designers at The Creative Cell - who relish any chance to show off their skills.