iPhone at 10: How it changed everything!

 It's hard to imagine the world without smartphones as this year marks the iPhone's 10th anniversary. 

Ten years ago today, the first iPhone hit stores in the US. On paper, the device was nothing special: it lacked the 3G connectivity which was becoming standard across much of the world, its battery struggled to last a day, and its camera resolution was just two megapixels. It also came with an eye-watering price tag of $499, and a mandatory two-year contract and that was for the smallest version, with 4GB of storage.

10 years on and over a billion have been sold making it one of the most successful products in history.

We've seen it get smaller, sleeker, and smarter. Few products can claim to have influenced our lives in quite the same way. Its cultural significance, according to Justin McGurk, the Design Museum's Chief Curator, cannot be underestimated. "I think the iPhone is one of the most significant pieces of design of the early 21st century.”

The fact that it's often the first thing we pick up in the morning and the last thing we look at night. That we look at it about 80 times a day, it has influenced so many other mobile devices and it revolutionised human behaviour. It is absolutely iconic. If you look at all the smartphones on the market today they are all in some form imitations or improvements on the iPhone - it changed phones.

Whether you own an iPhone anymore or not, its design will be forever associated with our times, remembered for how it set the basic standard for smartphones which have transformed our lives.